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Where do we go from here?

With a list of misdemeanours going back over a number of years and an admittance by Uber themselves that just a few short months ago they were not a fit and proper minicab company to be operating in the nations capital (let alone anywhere else in the country) it is, one would imagine, surprising that […]

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RMT Bulletin – Compliance Officers New Powers

RMT London Taxi Branch Driver information Bulletin June 2018 Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS) trained Compliance Officers RMT London Taxi Branch Reps recently met with members of the compliance team at TfL in which we were seeking answers in connection with powers and training of all the newly CSAS trained compliance officers on the recently […]

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RMT to host All Trade Meeting

  In the interests of Trade Unity and dealing with issues we face and the continuing viability of the two-tier system in London, General Secretary Mick Cash has invited all groups to an all trade meeting on the 13th June. It is anticipated from current responses all will be attending. Thank you all for your […]

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Taxi Globe 735 Archive – May 2014

  THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM By the end of May, the Law commission should have delivered its final recommendations and draft Bill. We at the RMT London Taxi Branch will be very surprised if the recommendations will be in favour of plying for hire being defined in statute as originally proposed by the Law […]

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Taxi Globe 733 Archive – April 2014

TAXI RANKS – TOOLS OF OUR TRADE The number of taxi cabs currently licensed is approximately 22,500, with ranking space for just 2,177 compared to 1970 when there were 8,181 cabs with 2,797 spaces across the capital. Over the decades it is clear from the statistics that both taxi rank provision and review of location […]

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Taxi Globe 728 Archive – February 2014

  THE MEETINGS The RMT London Taxi Branch met twice with the Law Commission team. Once in May 2012 at The Union Jack Club SE1 (all London trade organisations were invited) and once at their head office late January 2013. Top of the agenda for both meetings was PP15 – Defining Plying for Hire. The […]

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