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RMT release more detail from Tavistock Inquiry.

TAVISTOCK PLACE PUBLIC INQUIRY – OBSERVATIONS The Tavistock/Torrington Place Public Inquiry is now over and we await the judgement. In the meantime RMT would like to set out some observations and reasons for our objections and highlight the evidence we collected, which were presented to the Inquiry by Ranks and Highways officer Ray Alleeson.   […]

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Scandal; But has anything changed?

The Sunday Times front page revelations that Uber appear to have been concealing acts of criminality involving their drivers and that TFL seem to have delayed informing the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) of two public order offences, which are subject to a six month prosecution time limit meaning that the MPS had no power to […]

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10HS Up and Running at UCLH

27 Jul 2017 University College Hospital is the first in London to have its own dedicated licensed black taxi rank for staff, patients and visitors. And, even better, passengers will be eligible for a 10 per cent discount on their fare. The taxi rank is ideal for staff who don’t want to wander up and […]

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LEVC announce TX eCity Purchase Options

LEVC OPENS ORDER BOOK FOR THE ALL-NEW TX, THE MOST ADVANCED GREEN TAXI IN THE WORLD Typical driver to save £100 per week on fuel, dramatically lowering running costs to enable transition to world class electric taxi LEVC – the London EV Company – formerly London Taxi Company, confirms costs and prices for all new […]

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Disappearing Roads

Yet again we are faced with another wave of road schemes that will drive up costs for the travelling public. These road schemes will come thick and fast over the next few years as TFL throw their network management duty out of the window. *On the surface this serves a growing middle class elitist cycle […]

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RMT Press Release – APPG Report

RMT welcome the APPG for Taxis; Lessons for London (You can read the report by clicking here) report. That the union fully supports proposals recommending a statutory definition of plying for hire and the issue of cross border hiring being addressed. The reports findings are expected to be heard in HoC this Tuesday (18th July) with […]

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