City Airport: Driver Fees with No Extras!

London City Airport Limited (LCAL) has informed TfL that it now intends to introduce in April 2014 a fee for taxi drivers using the airport rank to pick up passengers. The City Airport rank is on private land and so LCAL is able to impose fees for drivers using the taxi rank and picking up passengers. LCAL has requested that TfL introduce an extra charge that drivers can add to fares from City Airport in order to allow drivers to recover part or all of the costs incurred when using the rank.

The RMT LTDB  stated that they are opposed to a driver fee being introduced at City Airport. However in response to the consultation the branch stated that the passenger extra should be the full fee drivers have to pay.Tfl’s preferred position is that neither additional fees for drivers nor additional charges for passengers should be introduced and that, where possible, taxi fares and tariffs should be clear, transparent and easy for passengers to understand.

The fee LCAL is proposing to charge drivers has not yet been finalised but is
expected to be between £3.20 and £3.50 and has stated that it feels that a passenger extra should be introduced, that this should cover all or a high percentage of the driver fee and that as the majority of passengers using the airport are travelling for business purposes an ‘airport extra’ on their taxi bill will have little or no impact on taxi usage at the airport. Redbridge Council did not support the introduction of an extra charge for passengers or an increase to taxi fares from City Airport.

Tfl felt that the introduction of a taxi driver fee at the airport was a
matter for LCAL and that TfL should not endorse this fee by allowing part of the cost to be passed onto passengers though a surcharge to fares. If LCAL continued with its plans to introduce this fee it would be a decision for taxi drivers whether they continued to serve the taxi rank at the airport.
The proposal has been further considered within TfL and the Board is asked to approve no extra charges being introduced for passengers taking a taxi from the taxi rank at City Airport.



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