The Elephant in the Room

The Law Commission report into Taxi&Private Hire services has dealt a hammer blow to the trade in its proposal to not define plying for hire and instead work on a definition of pre-booking. It’s term of ‘There and Then’ is to replace ply for hire on the statute books and in doing so will repeal all previous case law that supports this action.
So what does this mean?
Plying for hire is the bedrock of our trade. It is a right that we gain by doing the KOL and failing to protect this is an indirect attempt to undermine that system. With the rapid development of smartphone technology the time to which an individual can book a taxi/phv is greatly reduced in effect being immediate. Could this not there for be interpreted  as ‘There&Then’?  But as long as an intermediary is involved the proposals from the Law Commission say not.
The distinction between both licensed taxis and Phvs is to become even more blurred if we do not secure a statute definition of Plying for Hire.

The RMT LTDB is steadfast in its belief that this is a fundamental feature of our trade and deviation away from this is a direct attempt to destroy it.

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