Get Taxi: £5 fixed fare in zones 3-6

Smartphone app. Get Taxi this week launched a promotional campaign offering taxi fares for £5. The scheme works by mirroring the existing zones used for calculating tube journeys.

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Starting in zones 3 – 6 and travelling a distance of 10km or less, the cost of a journey will be £5. The driver is payed on a time tariff of 50p per minute, equating to £30 per hour.
The initiative, which will run from now and until the end of the year, is aimed to incentives the use of licensed taxis over the busy festive period, promoting work in the outer boroughs for suburban drivers. This will surely encourage short journeys within suburban sectors as the fixed price, coupled with the driver tariff, makes it worthwhile for both parties.

However, questions have been raised over how robust the monitoring is of allocating work to Suburban drivers, as although the majority of zones 3-6 are inside the 9 sectors, there are a couple of anomalies. Large areas of both Clapham and Dalston/Kingsland fall outside of sectors 2 and 6 where without the relevant extensions, drivers will be subject to the conditions of their license, preventing them accepting bookings outside of their areas.

The RMT believes this to be a positive step in promoting work in the suburbs and welcomes the initiative. According to the ONS (Office National Statistics) Londoners traveled on average, 6.8 miles a day in commuting. Considering that is the radius from Charing Cross, we could therefor assume the capitals demographic largely resides in the suburban sectors.
If passengers are encouraged to use taxis out of town then habits may well replicate in town.


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