Why Join?


As an RMT member you are entitled to representation on all matters that could jeopardise your license and livelihood. A free phone legal helpline is provided for all work related Union matters.

0800 376 3706 (Lines are open 8am-6pm Mon-Fri)

With a wide range of legal services provided you can be assured of protection from the following:

Assaults at work : Members who suffer injuries whilst at work as a result of violent crime or are injured whilst trying to prevent crime or apprehend a criminal. An entitlement of compensation may be taken up under the Criminal Injuries Compensation scheme. (CIS)

Criminal Helpline: Legal  assistance at police stations in respect of charges arising out of members employment. Members may also ask for advice on this helpline before agreeing to take part in identification procedures, being charged or summonsed in respect of police charges arising out of their employment ( Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 0800 587 7530).

Fines Pool:

An annual subscription of £7 ensures members of any moving traffic offences. Don’t get caught out at box junctions!

Credit Union: 

Run by members for members forget the banks.

RMT Jess Webb explains. http: //www.youtube.com/user//RMTtelevison


On the Knowledge?

The RMT London Taxi branch provides FULL benefits for those studying  the knowledge at the discounted rate  of £1.25 per week!

Don’t jeopardise your future. Get covered!

To join please email: lewisnorton@rmtlondontaxi.com



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