Law Commission: Ply for Hire NOT defined!

Today (23/5/2014) the Law Commission’ report into Taxi&PHV reform is published.
Following it’s interim statement where by ‘Plying for Hire’ was not to be defined instead of favouring a more clear distinction by ‘Pre-booking’. The final report recommendations have indeed done just that.
Under section titled Plying for Hire, article 3.18 suggests instead of defining the action of soliciting a new law of ‘there and then’ booking should be applied. Stipulating further that private hire bookings should exist and have a strict criteria of registered pre- booking through an operator.

In its interim statement the report stated that technology should NOT form part of Ply for Hire. However In light of the recent developments with smartphone technology where phv’s can in effect be instantly booked the above evidence will plant the law in favour of this as long as the criteria is met.

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