Reduction: Heathrow Extras

HAL the body responsible for administrating the feeder park at Heathrow are to review the charge drivers add for journeys starting from the airport.

A recommendation from TFL is to reduce the extra from £3.20 to £2.80. This has been assessed due to the reduction in the gate fee that drivers must pay to enter the feeder park and the boards belief is that this should reflect what passengers pay for journeys.

The RMT LTDB felt that the fee should represent the full amount drivers paid for entering the feeder park. TFL disagree with as an additional charge of over  £5.00  could lead to a reduction in taxi usage. It was noted that the Heathrow Airport extra was increased to £2.40 in April 2010 but then the fee  drivers pay was reduced from £6.54 to £6.00. Since then the fee drivers pay has been further reduced and is now £5.22.But despite the fee drivers pay for entering the feeder park being reduced, the extra passengers pay when taking a taxi from the airport has increased.


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