RMT Bulletin – Compliance Officers New Powers

RMT London Taxi Branch
Driver information Bulletin June 2018

Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS) trained Compliance Officers

RMT London Taxi Branch Reps recently met with members of the compliance team at TfL in which we were seeking answers in connection with powers and training of all the newly CSAS trained compliance officers on the recently acquired power to stop vehicles in the street.

The stops will be carried out by directing drivers to a safe area properly coned off and with warning signs to warn drivers on approach to a compliance stop area at the side of the road, where the required checks can be carried out safely by compliance officers working in pairs.

These compliance operations will overtime become more frequent as more officers receive the CSAS training and become competent to carry out the checks.
Licensed Taxis and Private hire vehicles will be checked for compliance in these operations.

You are responsible for the items listed below.

1. Badge
2. Bill
3. Identifiers displayed correctly
4. Tyres
5. Lights
6. Bodywork in good condition including wraps & super-sides.
7. Washers and wipers.
8. Carry spare bulbs.
9. Insurance certificate displayed and showing correct information

Checks will also include MOT, Vehicle Tax and Driving Licenses.

You can check the MOT and Tax status of your vehicle HERE 

Some drivers are finding that some vehicles when checked have issues with Road Tax and second MOT’s. Check the status of your vehicle using the above-mentioned MOT and Road Tax checker.

If directed stop in the coned area clearly marked at the checkpoint.

CSAS officers will be clearly identifiable. They will be wearing hi viz. jackets which will display in see-through pockets attached to the front of the jacket the following credentials.



Also, clearly visible on the front of the compliance officers Hi Viz jacket will be an identification photo card confirming that the officer holds the correct powers to carry out stop and vehicle inspections and has undertaken the correct level of CSAS training.

What will CSAS Accreditation allow accredited Officers to do above non-accredited Officers.

1. Power to stop vehicles for testing

2. Power to request name & address

3. Power to request name & address for fixed penalty notices. And offences that cause injury, alarm, distress to another person. Damage or loss to another person’s property

4. Power to direct traffic for purposes other than escorting a load of exceptional dimension.


Signage on approach to a CSAS Checkpoints





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