RMT Press Release – APPG Report

RMT welcome the APPG for Taxis; Lessons for London (You can read the report by clicking here) report. That the union fully supports proposals recommending a statutory definition of plying for hire and the issue of cross border hiring being addressed.

The reports findings are expected to be heard in HoC this Tuesday (18th July) with its key recommendations forming a private members bill.

Cited in the report was evidence submitted by RMT on the issue of plying for hire and the contravention of app. based booking systems such as Uber blurring the practices of the two tier system.

RMT has been steadfast in its campaigning for greater distinctions of which has formed the backbone of the unions national policy since 2014 Law Commission report.

General Secretary Mick Cash said “This is a breakthrough for our members. RMT has remained laser focused on the importance of defining ply for hire and now finally this has resulted in a parliamentary body recommending such”

“Working with its parliamentary group, RMT have been instrumental in galvanising political support through rallies & early day motions. Of which Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has been active in support”

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