15 year rule update: 5 year extension!

With the new year yet to be seen in it looks like some good news already for 2014.

It is rumoured that Transport for London are to announce in January that they will allow a new exhaust system to be fitted to vehicles subject to the 15 year rule, passing the required Euro 5 emissions standard.

Tested by Mag Diesels of Brixton and costing around £2000 to fit, the new Vortex Eco-Flo system will add a further 5 years road life. Any driver affected by the current 15 year rule should consider this offered modification as Tilbury Taxis recently fitted its 36 cab fleet  and received a subsidy of 40% by applying for a European Regional  Development Fund grant, facilitated by the Low Carbon Business program. The £6.3m ERDF project is aimed at small businesses with fewer than 250 employees encouraging carbon savings and energy efficiency.

With a support from the towns Mayor let’s hope Boris takes the hint!


Further reading on Tilbury Taxis can be found here:


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