Victory for RMT Over Pedicabs

AFTER MONTHS OF campaigning by RMT taxi branch, and with the support of the RMT parliamentary convenor John McDonnell, who through a series of actions blocked the progress of the London Local Authorities Bill, the sponsors have now been forced to withdraw the offending clause which would have enshrined the right to register pedicabs and provide them with rank spaces.

If the Bill with the offending Clause had been enacted it would have meant the introduction of a fully-fledged licensing and right to ply for hire regime for pedicabs, undermining the tightly-regulated licensed taxi trade.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

The idea that someone on a lashed together pedicab should enjoy the same rights as a taxi driver who is tightly regulated on the grounds of both safety and knowledge is one that RMT taxi branch has fought tooth and nail alongside our parliamentary convenor John McDonnell.

Everyone in the taxi trade knows that it is RMT that has led the way in this fight and it is the hard work and determination of our members, using the full resources of the organisation, which has secured this important victory.

However, we are well aware that the pedicabs have a history of bending and breaking the law and of flouting public safety and the RMT campaign to get them off the streets of London altogether will continue.

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