Westfield Stratford

RMT committee rep Harry Campbell, obtained a meeting at Westfield Stratford with the management there after writing to them to express concerns over the lack of signage for customers wishing to use taxis and a possible increase in taxi rank spaces.

We are pleased to report better internal signage and improved road markings will now be put in place at Roundhouse Lane and Westfield Ave taxi ranks
Unfortunately, the redevelopment of the Montfitchet Road Taxi Rank is more problematic. The realignment of the taxi rank would require a significant capital expenditure considering it is positioned against the Town Centre Link Bridge pillar and the security bollards. The bollards that surround the taxi rank are unable to be removed due to security precautions and therefore it is not possible to widen the taxi rank to allow double ranking without the realignment of the pillar. It is also not possible to extend the length of the taxi rank as this will encroach onto the bus lane.

It should be noted that, given the proximity to the Olympic park and Athletes village, security agreements mean all our car parks and roads will be closed from mid June to mid September 2012. Therefore there will no vehicular access to our centre including Buses, taxis, coaches and private vehicles. The only exception is accredited delivery vehicles and LOCOG.

We would like to thank Mr.Kevin de Leeuw transport co-ordinater at Westfield Stratford for his consideration and cooperation in this matter.

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